Turning in the Kitchen with the PWR!Step

Today we are going to show you how to use your PWR!Step and PWR!Rock to make steady turns.

First, start with a nice wide base of support. We then want to rock all of our weight to one side, then move your chest and other foot to step out and turn with your PWR!Step. We can practice the PWR!Step with our arms nice and wide, coming from an open position and then back together again.

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March 7th PWR!Moves Recertification Workshop!

Don’t forget to register for our March 7th PWR!Moves Recertification Workshop!


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March 5th & 6th PWR!Moves Therapist Certification Workshop!

Don’t forget to register for our March 5th & 6th PWR!Moves Therapist Certification Workshop!


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Join PWR! Virtual Experience Today and Save!

There is no better time to start PWR! Virtual Experience than right now!


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What do we mean by Posture? Part 2

To find a detailed explanation of posture and a summary of the pathophysiological mechanisms that contribute to postural changes in normal aging and PD please read this:


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How to Practice Meaningful Exercise

We love what we do here at PWR! We’ll make sure we have lots of fun here with our exercises. Let’s talk about how we practice in our physical therapy and exercise classes here at the PWR! Gym. There are five components to practice meaningful exercise that help you get positive results.

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Using Trekking Poles to Safely Get Up and Down from a Curb

Hi, I am Cat from the PWR!GYM. I wanted to share with you today how to use your trekking poles to get up and down off a curb. So, as you know we are huge fans of the pole and that is because it allows you to get extra support and feedback to get that powered-up position.

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Posture and Parkinson disease

Posture is a great excuse to PWR! Up with some antigravity core strengthening! As a newborn, you already did the hard work of developing your postural muscles as you struggled to hold your head up in “tummy time” or to scoot, roll, sit, or stand to get to favorite toys! Unfortunately, our lifestyle (e.g., injuries, bad habits, diet, stress) can take a toll on our musculoskeletal health. And, for PWP, worsening of posture is one of those “axial” symptoms that doesn’t respond robustly or at all

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PWR! Wellness Series: Reiki Breath and Health

Join us as we learn about Reiki from Ann Baldwin, PhD and Reiki Master. She will discuss what Reiki is and:

How it benefits people physically, emotionally and mentally
Why regulating one’s breathing is important in Reiki
How Reiki and attention to breathing help balance the nervous system, reduce anxiety and improve relationships
She will lead us in a practicing breath regulation together and demonstrate how it enhances heart and brain function.

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Jimmy Choi with the Tuck and Roll to Avoid Serious Injury from a Fall

American Ninja Warrior, Jimmy Choi, took our staff and volunteers through the “Tuck and Roll” while we were at the PWR! Retreat in May. As he explained, learning this skill can help save you from a serious injury if a fall should happen. The “Tuck and Roll” teaches you how to fall, so you can tuck, roll, and pop back up! Start with the PWR! Twist in an all 4’s position. While on your hands and knees, reach your dominant arm under your body across to the other side so your dominant shoulder touch

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PWR! Retreat

We are excited to say… We are planning and confirming dates! Yes, we are taking names and emails for those who want to know right away when our PWR! Retreat registration opens. Plus, this year, the first 15 paid attendees will be entered into a drawing to win some GREAT prizes! So submit your registration materials early to have time to work through the interview process, pay your registration fee, and confirm your spot. You won’t want to miss this opportunity!

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Tai Chi Easy for Fall Prevention and Healthy Living

Falls are the most common cause of injury for seniors. Roxanne shares simple tools and solutions to help you live a safer and healthier life. The practice will include Tai Chi Easy, Bu Zheng Qigong, power stances, breathing exercises, mindfulness, foot health with self-massage, and much more! Almost everything in this session can even be done seated

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Calendar Options

We’re here to help you get the most out of your exercise!

With so many options, we know deciding how to move forward can be confusing. To make sure you always know what to do, we put together our suggestions for how to schedule your exercise for a week based on your intensity and live class choice. 

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Use the PWR!Moves to Walk!

Our goal is to make sure you’re always empowered and informed.

We offer handouts, downloads, research updates, Wellness Series talks, retreats with knowledgeable speakers, in-person and virtual wellness consultations, and in-person physical therapy visits. We are here for our PWR! Members every step of the way.

We’re excited to have you participate with us!

Join Jennifer from the PWR!Gym as she shows you to how to use the PWR!Moves to walk big and strong.

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Why is the PWR! Virtual Experience Different?

We know you want exercise that works, and we have it. Before we tell you more about why the PWR! Virtual Experience is so different from other programs, we’d like to tell you how our past supports our present, as well as your future. Since 2010, we’ve been translating PD exercise research into fun and functional exercise for people with Parkinson disease across the world. We’re the creators of the PWR!Moves, a set of research-based, PD-specific exercises that target individual PD symptoms and he

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Early Bird discount PWR!Moves Recert for March

Take advantage of the early bird discount for our March 7th PWR!Moves Recertification Workshop. Register now!

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Our newly created PWR!Moves Certified Instructor course are now available

We have February, March and June dates available. Our February class is almost full and March and June are filling. If you’d like to jump in register early. We are so excited to bring this course back to you!

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Parkinson’s is different for everyone

Parkinson’s is different for everyone. We’ve researched it and pioneered PD-specific treatment. We incorporate everything we know in order to build an effective program for all with PD. Watch Dr. Farley discuss it here: https://exerciseforbrainchange.org/ #parkinson #exercise4brainchange

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PWR!UP and Presents

Cat Printz shows how to pick up presents using the PWR! Up Great posture and set-up make it easier to pick up your presents. Join Cat as she shows you strategies using your favorite – the PWR! Up

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Interested in our Instructor Workshop?

If you are interested in our new PWR!Moves Certified Instructor Workshop, now is the most important time to add your contact info. We will announce the details soon. Sign up here so you will know when registration opens!

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PWR! Retreat 2022

We have PWR! Retreat updates coming. Add your name to our interest list.

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Aligning with the Parkinson’s Foundation guidelines

Did you know our new PWR!Moves Certified Instructor Workshop was developed to align with the Parkinson’s Foundation guidelines. Becky Farley and Jennifer Bazan-Wigle talk about them

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