Our Mission:

To develop and implement worldwide access to cutting edge Parkinson disease-specific neuroplasticity-principled exercise programs that hold promise to slow disease progression, improve symptoms, restore function, and increase longevity and quality of life.

In order to accomplish this mission, we intend to:

·      Develop the PWR!Gym®– Model Community Exercise and Wellness Resource Center of Excellence in Tucson, AZ - expanding to community-based PWR!Gym Affiliates.

·      Educate healthcare and fitness professionals to be PD-exercise specialists who implement research-based neuroplasticity-principled programming in rehab and fitness settings (PWR!4Life Programming).  Carepartners, family members and friends of people with PD will also be trained in how to be a more effective “coach” to improve everyday mobility, transfers and safety.  Volunteers for PWR!Gym will also be trained to support PWP to work out more intensely with better quality of practice and greater safety.

·      Provide community exercise, enrichment, education, and empowerment events to expose people with PD and their partners to the type of Exercise4BrainChange® programming and information they need to get better and stay better.

Click Here to Download our PWR! Trifold for More Information.

NeuroFit Networks DBA: Parkinson Wellness Recovery | PWR! is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt nonprofit founded in September 2010 by Dr. Becky G. Farley to translate cutting edge research on exercise and brain change into real world health care paradigms TODAY for individuals with Parkinson disease. This PWR!4Life Exercise4BrainChange® model begins at diagnosis and continues throughout the life of the individual. The goal is to coordinate and integrate medical/rehabilitation goals with community-based exercise programs and wellness resources. It allows individuals to receive a continuum of care that begins at diagnosis with a PWR! Therapist and cycles to PD-specific community exercise and wellness programs then back to a PWR! Therapist - for life. It provides education and ongoing monitoring to allow individuals to use their full potential to get better and stay better.