Building Blocks of FUNction

"Use It Or Lose It!" - Reinforce Your Dopamine Circuits

PWR!Moves is a PD-specific skill training program to maintain or restore skills that deteriorate and interfere with everyday movements.

Dr. Farley created PWR!Moves® as the EVOLUTION of her original LSVT BIG® exercise program.  The BASIC4 | PWR!Moves® offer a flexible and functional amplitude-focused exercise approach that targets multiple symptoms, and that allows for adaptation for disease severity.

PWR!Moves can be combined and progressed into a stand-alone group program or intergrated into ANY  exercise program, ANY activity (function, activites of daily living, recreation, sports, and hobbies), in ANY setting (community group or rehab 1:1), by therapists and fitness professionals.

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The BASIC4 | PWR!Moves are performed with large amplitude, high effort, and attention to action in multiple postures (floor, all 4's, sitting, and standing). They specifically target “4” skills shown by research to interfere with mobility in people with PD (antigravity extention, weight shifting, axial mobility, and transitional movements).


PD Specific Skills

4 Skills That You Can Improve With the PWR!Moves.

Antigravity Extension            

Weight Shifting                          

Axial Mobility                              


BASIC4 | PWR!Moves

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                                        PWR! Up

                                   PWR! Rock

                                PWR! Twist

                                  PWR! Step

All of the BASIC4 | PWR!Moves may be performed differently to specifically target different symptoms of PD:


To Counteract Rigidity

PWR!Moves are performed slowly, rhythmically and with sustained effort.

~ Activate ~

To Counteract Bradykinesia

PWR!Moves are performed as BIG and FAST as possible with repetitive high effort.

~ Flow ~

To Counteract Incoordination

PWR!Moves are linked together into gradually longer sequences that mimic everyday movement and improve overall function in LIFE.

~ Boosts ~

To Counteract Loss of Automaticity

PWR!Moves are combined with secondary motor and cognitive tasks to create real world environmental context.