Jimmy Choi with the Tuck and Roll to avoid serious injury from a fall

American Ninja Warrior, Jimmy Choi, took our staff and volunteers through the “Tuck and Roll” while we were at the PWR! Retreat in May. As he explained, learning this skill can help save you from a serious injury if a fall should happen. The “Tuck and Roll” teaches you how to fall, so you can tuck, roll, and pop back up! Start with the PWR! Twist in an all 4’s position. While on your hands and knees, reach your dominant arm under your body across to the other side so your dominant shoulder touches the floor, making sure you are on the “meaty” part of your shoulder and not your neck. Then, push into the non-dominant hand to help you roll all the way over, ending back in an all 4’s position. From here, PWR! Step to come to a stand. As you get proficient with this, try to start the roll in a standing position.