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We hear you! Since our email last week, we've been signing you up and answering great questions. Everyone wants to know to decide whether to take our full two-day certification workshop again or to sign up to recertify. Keep reading to learn more, but either way, we've got you covered.

We want to certify you to use the same Retrain Functional Mobility™ framework we use at PWR!

We know it works, because we use it all day, every day at our own PWR!Gym headquarters. And now, we want to make sure that every person with PD has access to the same high-quality, cutting-edge, personalized care from you, our PWR!Moves Certified Therapists.
There's tons of new research on Parkinson's, exercise and PD, and how we can foster lasting brain change. Integrating key concepts from these fast-moving fields has advanced how we treat and how we teach our PWR!Moves curriculum to other Parkinson disease experts.

Our workshop lecture has been updated to include important scientific and proprietary advances.

Did you know?

Evidence shows that rehabilitation enhances neuroplasticity and reduces the need for medications over time

We can't wait to share with you...

Our new structured, flexible Retrain Functional Mobility™ framework, which helps you and your clients achieve their functional goals. You'll learn how to get started and how to combine your expertise, the framework, and the building blocks of function to get sustainable life-changing results.

We've created new tools for you rooted in research

Theoretical support for our Retrain Functional Mobility framework and Exercise for Brain Change techniques comes from Ferrazzoli et al's 2018 Basal ganglia and beyond article. We prioritize mindful, slow preparation addresses neural priming, body awareness, and attention to action and combine it with our Exercise for Brain Change techniques to optimize the use of both goal-directed and habitual neural pathways.

We wish everyone knew...

Even though the PWR!Moves were originally designed for people with Parkinson's, the Retrain Functional Mobility framework can be used to treat a wide range of people--use it with anyone who can benefit from functional skill training!

We have proven over and over again at our model neuro facility

  • Rehabilitation has to be personalized across disease severity
  • Get the most out of your clients by tailoring therapy to target their symptoms, rebuild function, and help them achieve their goals
" This course was a great use of my time and resources. I went to work today and was able to use this framework 5/6 of my patients!" -Mary Katherine S.

"I'm already spreading the word that this is one of the best con-ed classes out there (for all populations, not just PD). If you work with geriatrics in general - THIS IS A MUST-TAKE COURSE." -Amberly B.

Recertify in less than 6 hours...on a Thursday! And earn 5-6 CEUs!


We've already started conducting recertification workshops and are offering limited coupons as we begin rollout.

We encourage you to grab your spot to recertify before they fill up.
I was very pleasantly surprised at the energy and flow of the virtual workshop. The instructors were high energy, the activities kept me up and moving, and I was able to focus. I feel confident that my co-workers and I will have a common experience and be able to relate to the training as we go forward. One of the best virtual experiences I have had! Thank you!"
-Michele S.

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