Thank you to our PWR! Retreat Supporters

We want to offer our appreciation to those who support our PWR! Retreat in 2023. Below you will find more information from those individuals and organizations. 


Dr. Jacob Weiss, PhD - Founder HandEyeBody Academy

If you want to find out more about Dr. Weiss and his programs check out his website and spread the word to other therapists, teachers, and coaches everywhere!

HandEyeBody Academy website:

Watch Becky’s video below integrating some of Jacob’s creative concepts into PWR!Moves Hand/Eye Boosts in Sitting/Standing with a complex multidirectional progression!

Hand and Eye Boosts Extravaganza!

Dr. Farley made this video in appreciation of Jacob’s generosity for providing our PWR! Retreat volunteers and staff with access to his "Parkinson's Coaching" online course “for free”!!!  His creative ideas are a perfect match with our motor-cognitive approach to retraining functional mobility for persons with Parkinson disease!  Jacob, thank you for sharing your expertise with us! We had so much fun and still are using those ideas and your Coordination Charts!

And guess what? He has another GIFT for all of YOU PWR! Professionals!

Please take advantage of Dr. Weiss’s generosity and make use of this coupon code opportunity!  It is good through the end of August.  He is giving PWR! Professionals a 20% off his Parkinson’s Coaching Creativity Blueprint course, and you can use this same coupon code for 20% off the Coordination Charts Power Packs.  I promise you will not only learn new ideas for how to make “Exercise FUNctional”,but you will have fun learning!

Coupon Code: pwr20

Parkinson's Coaching Course:

Coordination Charts Power Pack:


Joy Cochran, PT, DPT Owner of Joy Explorations
Clinical Evidence Specialist for Urban Poling

Not only was Joy a volunteer at our 2023 PWR! Retreat, but she brought her Urban Poling expertise to our volunteer training and daily 6:30 AM pole walking groups!  She also made it possible to get FREE Urban Poling Activator Poles for ALL of our retreat volunteers, including our PWR!Gym rehab and exercise staff. 

Thank you JOY and URBAN POLING from PWR! and all our Retreat volunteers!!! 


More from Urban Poling

Urban Poling / Activator programs

Urban Poling community classes

 Urban Poling Podcast - Dr. Joy Cochran’s interview with Dr. Farley goes LIVE in October!

More From Dr. Farley

As you may know, I am a HUGE Nordic pole-walking fan!  We have been pole-walking at our PWR! Retreat since 2011.  Here are two RECENT articles on Nordic walking for PwP.  We are including these in our 2024 updated PWR! Professional workshops!  The first one has a great “protocol” for starting those community classes.  The interspersed high-intensity intervals during the walking drills!  The 2nd paper is the latest review of the pole walking research. 

  1. Harro CC, Shoemaker MJ, Coatney CM, et al. Effects of nordic walking exercise on gait, motor/non-motor symptoms, and serum brain-derived neurotrophic factor in individuals with Parkinson's disease. Front Rehabil Sci. 2022;3:1010097. Published 2022 Oct 14. doi:10.3389/fresc.2022.1010097

  1. Salse-Batán J, Sanchez-Lastra MA, Suarez-Iglesias D, Varela S, Ayán C. Effects of Nordic walking in people with Parkinson's disease: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Health Soc Care Community. 2022;30(5):e1505-e1520. doi:10.1111/hsc.13842


Erica DeMarch Step and Connect

Erica loaned us her amazing Balance Matters System for the PWR! Retreat and provided our Retreat volunteers AND PWR!Gym Rehab/Exercise team access to her introductory webinar.

I promise you will not only learn new ideas for how to make “Exercise FUNctional,” but you will have fun learning!


Check out Erica’s Exercise of the Month YouTube videos! 

 They are amazing.  Some of her videos incorporate the HandEyeBody charts and activities from Jacob’s “Parkinson’s Coaching Creativity Blueprint course” -- so don’t forget to take advantage of his coupon offer so you too can use those charts and activities! 

If any of you are already using her system in your rehabilitation or group classes – let use know!  Post a favorite activity – we would all love to learn from YOU!

Be sure to look at all the videos on the Erica’s Step and Connect playlist by clicking at the top right of the video!

You can learn more about the Balance Matters System at the following links.

Introduction to Balance Matters