PWR! Retreat Survey for 2019

Thank you for
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Your feedback is greatly appreciated and helps us perfect the PWR! Retreat every year.

For those who asked about the option to pay it forward for future Retreat scholarships, the link to donate can be found here. We appreciate you and your interest in supporting others with Parkinson's.

PWR! Retreat 2019 is over, but your journey with Parkinson's is not. Excited about all the possibilities with PWR!Moves? We are too!

Sign up for a PWR! Surge.

The PWR!Surge is a one-of-a-kind 3-5 day-long exercise intensive program where individuals with Parkinson disease can come to the PWR!Gym in Tucson to participate. It is a fantastic way to begin building a research-based exercise program that is not only specific to Parkinson’s, but specific to the individual’s needs and goals. Individuals will be working with our expert physical therapists who work exclusively with people with Parkinson’s every day, which provides them with extensive knowledge about current Parkinson-specific therapies and research.

We do fill up early for Surge spots. If you are interested, please reach out as soon as possible to schedule. We can't wait to see you again.