The PWR!Gym adds Occupational Therapy

Many people wonder, what does an occupational therapist do?

  • The term “occupation” in OT relates to how we occupy our time, our minds and our bodies throughout each day.
  • The focus of Occupational Therapy is optimal participation in daily life activities that are important to each person.
  • OT can maintain and improve performance of self-care (dressing, showering, sleep, etc.), home management (meal prep, laundry, pet care, etc.), leisure activities and community mobility activities such as social and educational activities.
  • OT helps improve visual-motor skills, body awareness, upper body strength and coordination, and cognitive skills like attention and memory.
  • Occupational therapy uses mindfulness, adaptation and skill improvements to support each person's best function.

Welcome to Lisa Walters! Lisa Walters, Parkinson Wellness Recovery's new occupational therapist, shares what OT is, and how they can help you live a high-quality life!