Exercise4BrainChange represents Dr. Farley’s translation of the research about “how to exercise” to optimize brain health (neuroprotection), brain change (neuroplasticity) and function.  There are “4” essential constructs (high physical effort, cognitive engagement, attentional focus, emotional engagement).  The constructs are founded on basic and clinical research in motor control, motor learning, and exercise physiology.  PWR! Workshop participants learn how to apply techniques and strategies to target each of these constructs in 1:1 rehab and group fitness settings.

 For example, it isn’t enough to just practice the same small and slow movements over and over again without paying attention to your quality of movement.  Instead, you need to be engaged and challenged physically and cognitively to do more.  You need to receive feedback about your quality of practice.  You need to learn what to pay attention to during your practice so you recognize when you are moving your best and when you are not.  Are you moving bigger and faster buy effexor cheap online than your typical self-selected everyday movement?  It isn’t enough to just exercise vigorously and then be inactive the rest of the day!   You need to take what you learn and find ways to “use it or lose it” by doing more in your everyday life!

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