May 24th - May 30th, 2020

Registration and Information

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All package prices include Room, Breakfast/Lunch*, and all Retreat Activities.  (7 days/6 nights)

This includes the welcome reception, lectures, educational materials, care partner activities, dance night and all exercise programming.

* Dinner is not included in the package price; however, The Scottsdale Resort offers in-house dining options and there are many restaurants nearby.

Single Person with Parkinson’s
Cost: $3,395.00

Person with Parkinson’s + Care Partner
Cost: $4,945.00

Two (2) People with Parkinson’s
Cost: $5,450.00 ($2,825.00 per person)
We help connect people who are willing to share a room for a cost-savings to both.


Retreat Applicant Requirements

1. Minimum Functional Capabilities. Before completing the Application Form on our website, please assess and confirm your ability to complete the following tasks, without assistance:

  1. Get up and down / to and from the floor;
  2. Walk for 60 minutes;
  3. Participate in both indoor and outdoor exercises with minimal assistance;
  4. Tolerate 3 hours of exercise within a 5-hour period;
  5. Be free of cognitive impairment such that one can follow instructions, schedules and directions from staff/volunteers; and
  6. Accomplish Activities of Daily Living and navigate the resort.

2. Application Form. You will receive the Application Form via email once you have registered on our website (pwr4life.org). Please complete the form and fax to 1-888-780-0154 to continue the application process.

3. Medical Release. Persons with Parkinson Disease (“PD”) must submit our Medical Release form signed by your movement disorders physician, neurologist, or primary care physician to be eligible to attend the PWR! Retreat Download and print the form from our website, or we can fax, email, or mail it upon request.  Your doctor can then fax the form directly back to PWR!.

4. Release & Hold Harmless. All Participants must sign a Release & Hold Harmless agreement as a condition of participating in the PWR! Retreat Download and print the form from our website, or we can fax, email, or send it upon request.

5. Phone Interview. Once you have submitted the Application Form, Medical Release, and Release & Hold Harmless agreement, one of our therapists will conduct a Phone Interview with you to assess your ability to participate in and benefit from the Retreat. If the Retreat is not a good fit for you, we may recommend an alternative program or service that would better meet your individual needs and ability level.

6. Payment. Once we have received your Application Form, Medical Release, Release & Hold Harmless agreement, and our PWR! Therapist has approved you for the Retreat, you will be issued an Authorization Code. You will use the Authorization Code to complete the payment process on our website.

7. Screening at the Retreat. PWR! Staff and Volunteers will briefly rescreen all Retreat Participants and accompanying adults again at the resort to address any new safety concerns or changes in fitness level since the initial screening.


Please fax all forms to 1-888-780-0154.


Cancellation Policy

Your spot(s) is confirmed as soon as we receive your payment. In the event you need to cancel for any reason after payment has been made, we will do our best to fill your spot(s) with another participant up until the start of the Retreat.

If we are able to fill your spot(s), your payment will be refunded in full, less a $250/per person processing fee.

If we are not able to fill your spot(s), the Cancellation Fees below will apply for any and all cancellation circumstances.

Please be patient if you are waiting to hear from us about a refund. Because we do our best to fill your spot(s), no refunds will be given until after the Retreat.


Cancellation Fees

  • DOUBLE ROOM (person with PD and guest – both persons cancel) - $2,000.00
  • SINGLE ROOM - $1,500.00
  • DOUBLE ROOM (two persons with PD) - $1,500.00 per person