When you walk into the PWR!Gym you often see a table of people sitting and chatting. The encouragement and connection found at this table can be pivotal for many of our members, but it can also be a huge support for our care partners. The ability to sit and chat for a bit helps everyone be a part of the community of PWR!. We are all in this together!

With November being Caregivers Month, we want to give special recognition to those care partners that we interact with every day. Care partners are sometimes that catalyst for why a person with PD begins a new exercise program at the PWR!Gym. Care partners want to see their loved one live their best, and through research or word of mouth, initially find PWR! and provide the encouragement or support that it takes to get started!

We thank all of the caregivers who step up in support of People with Parkinson’s. We appreciate you and your continued support of those around you. We hope you find ways to take care of yourself this month and know that you make a PWR!ful difference in the lives of your loved ones.

This article contains a great list of helpful items for caregivers that are new to supporting someone with Parkinson’s or a fresh perspective for those who are already experienced.
The 7 Needs of Caregivers

Below is the information about a Caregiver Summit happening in Phoenix, organized by the Parkinson Foundation, that will be accessible in person, broadcasted live to locations across the country, or you can at home watch from your own personal computer.

A Caregiver Summit you may be interested in:
“Focusing on Collaborative Care, the 2018 Parkinson’s Foundation Caregiver Summit | Cumbre Para Cuidadores is a free event specifically for caregivers of people living with Parkinson’s disease (PD). Bilingual sessions, in English and Spanish, will include: Intimacy and PD, Communication & Coping Strategies, and Collaborative Caregiving in Action.

Summit will be broadcast live from Phoenix, Arizona to satellite locations across the country and online. The content will be recorded and archived for later viewing.”

For More Information: http://www.parkinson.org/summit