Scott Brubaker, Jr., LPTA

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Scott Brubaker, Jr., LPTA Scott Brubaker, Jr., LPTA

Scott Brubaker, Jr., LPTA

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Scott has spent the past 7+ years cementing his role as the premiere neurological rehab therapist in the area. Having introduced many new techniques to the community, he remains focused on changing the future of neurological rehabilitation through innovation and education. Motivated by the functional and quality of life improvements seen in his patients, Scott aims to provide comprehensive, holistic therapy that is challenging yet fun.

His specialties and areas of treatment include Parkinson disease, other movement disorders, ataxia, postural instability, stroke rehabilitation, vestibular dysfunction, multiple sclerosis, gait training, functional and body mechanics, and radiculopathies. He is also well versed in general orthopedic conditions and injuries. Scott truly values educating the community about neurological rehabilitation through his involvement in numerous support groups, charity outreach efforts, and local events.


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5485 Mooretown Road
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