Michaela Tichenor, PT, DPT

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Michaela Tichenor, PT, DPT Michaela Tichenor, PT, DPT

Michaela Tichenor, PT, DPT

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I go by Misha. I am a PT working in home health covering south King County. I have >8 years of experience in home health treating various conditions including Parkinson"s Disease. Treating PD has been one of my favorites since early in my career when I got certified in LSVT BIG. I have experience working with varying severity of PD, but often see patients in the more advanced stages in home health. I have found the PWR!Moves program to be a fantastic tool in helping patients improve function, mainly because it is so adaptable (even for the more advanced stages). I love teaching my patients about Parkinson"s to better understand their condition and what they CAN do to increase function to enjoy their lives.


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I treat patients individually in the home health setting.


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5950 6th Avenue South
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