We have a lot of new smiling faces at PWR! from staff to interns. Take a moment to read about each of these amazing new people helping us!




New Group Classes coming February 4th!!

You may have noticed that we are really busy at the PWR!Gym.  As a result, our classes are very full.  Effective February 4th, we will be adding an additional Circuit class at 2:00-3:00 PM on M/W/F and another HIIT class at 4:30-5:30 PM on M/WF.  If you are interested in changing classes to one of our new classes please talk to Nancy or Melisa.

PWR!Gym Member Highlight
Joe LaCava


Joe is one of our active members who has been coming to PWR! since June of 2018. Joe was diagnosed with PD in February of 2016. When Joe discovered PWR!, he completed 8-weeks of therapy before joining in on the Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday classes. Joe’s favorite part about the PWR! Gym is the staff along with their empathy while working with every member. Joe also loves the fact that he has felt significant improvement with his everyday tasks since joining PWR!. As a result of his success, Joe and his wife Mariska have decided to partake in the Bowden Challenge. Their challenge is to donate monthly to the PWR! Gym to assist in the growth and development of our organization.


Joe was born and raised in Toledo, Ohio where he worked as a Lobbyist for the United Auto Workers international Union (UAW). After retiring in 1997, Joe completed his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Toledo and spent time in Texas where he taught 5th and 6th grade math to at-risk youth before arriving in Tucson. Joe remains a current member of the UAW retiree group and has active involvement in other groups. Joe also enjoys walking, biking, and coin collecting in his time outside of the gym.


Thank you Joe and Mariska for your support!