Diet and Pesticides – Interesting Reading from Dr. Becky Farley

AMAZING!  Dr. Greger does it again.  A wonderful example of how diet can be protective against pesticides that may cause DNA mutations that trigger PD and other diseases.  The flavonoid phytonutrients in berries appear to interfering with the build up and clumping of the alpha-synuclein protein that leads to cell death.  If you read or watch more check out the links at the bottom.  He has an entire chapter devoted to PD in his book “How not to die”.  Now go eat your berries (and exercise)!
-Dr. Becky Farley
The Role of Pesticides in Parkinson’s Disease
Written By Michael Greger M.D. FACLM on May 9th, 2019

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“Two studies suggest an association between constipation and Parkinson’s, but, at the same time, 38 studies link the disease to pesticide exposure and by now more than 100 studies linkpesticides to an increased risk of up to 80 percent.”