April 2021 – Specialty Classes on Fridays

Don't miss our Friday Specialty classes this month for Live Virtual Classes.

For Gold or Platinum Virtual members or PWR!Gym local Tucson members

Indoor Walking Poles – Friday, April 2nd at 12:30 pm (Arizona time

Join Becky for an indoors PWR! Poles exercise class including warm-up, cardio, balance, strength, overground agility, and cooldown. Stay for the end if you want tips for how to fit your poles and be ready for some outdoor pole walking in the Park! Equipment: Walking poles or PVC poles. LOCAL Members: Join Becky in the park on April 13 or April 21.

Balance - Friday, April 16th at 12:30 pm (Arizona time) – Nancy Nelson

Join Nancy for an 60 minute class designed to challenge all the sensorimotor control systems that contribute to maintaining good balance using a variety of strategies. 

PWR!Moves class with a Spanish language flare – Friday, April 23rd at 12:30 pm (Arizona time) – Yuriko Valdez

Join Yuriko as she leads you through PWR!Moves flows in English and Spanish.

Eccentric Movement Class– Friday, April 30th at 12:30 pm (Arizona time) – Celeste Cregan

This class is a full-body stretching and strengthening program designed to decompress joints and rebalance and lengthen your muscles. The workout combines ballet strengthening, tai chi fluidity and physiotherapy techniques.