Before you contact us, please read these frequently asked questions.

  1. >> What is Parkinson Wellness Recovery (PWR!)?
  2. >> What makes PWR! Program unique from other programs?
  3. >> When should I begin participating in the PWR! Program?
  4. >> How do I get started at PWR!Gym?
  5. >> What services are offered at PWR!Gym?
  6. >> How do I schedule an initial consultation? What happens during the initial consultation?
  7. >> How much does your program cost? Do you take insurance?
  8. >> Am I eligible for classes? Which classes should I attend?
  9. >> I already work out at a gym. Why should I come to PWR!Gym?
  10. >> I’m in town for a few days – can I pay a “drop in” fee to attend one or two classes?
  11. >> I don’t live in Tucson, AZ – do you have any services for me?
  12. >> Can I do PWR! Exercises on my own?
  13. >> How do I find a PWR! Instructor and/or PWR! Therapist in my area?


1. What is Parkinson Wellness Recovery (PWR!)?

PWR! is a research based, community driven program started in 2010. It was developed as a lifelong program that is proactive, ongoing, challenging, and integrated with rehabilitation and community. It is both physically and cognitively challenging, and emotionally rewarding. The vision is that exercise is medicine and that it should be a physiological tool in each individual’s fight against Parkinson disease – beginning at diagnosis. PWR! hosts a wide range of events around the globe, not only to empower and educate people, but also keep PWR! Trained Therapists up to date on PWR!‘s research and values. Revenue made from PWR! Workshops and PWR! Retreats are used to subsidize the development of this proactive programming in our unique neurofitness community center – the PWR!Gym®.

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2. What makes PWR! Program unique from other programs?

PWR! is not an approach; it is a comprehensive program that implements multiple research techniques adhering to the latest European Physiotherapy Guidelines with a focus always on bigger and faster movements.

~ It is PD-specific with a focus on PWR!Moves® – Bigger, faster, whole body functional movement training. Click here to learn more about PWR!Moves.

~ WHAT you practice is important – An exercise program needs to include progressive aerobics (for brain health) and skill acquisition through the Basic4 |PWR!Moves (for brain repair and adaptation)

~ HOW you practice is important – It isn’t enough to just exercise without being engaged and challenged physically and cognitively. You need to receive reward based feedback, and it needs to be fun. PWR! optimizes your performance and ability to learn through the integration of the Exercise4BrainChange® framework into therapy and group settings. This represents the translation of essential research principles into the “HOW”. This clinical framework can be used to develop comprehensive programs to optimize factors that contribute to brain health, brain change, and brain function.

~ A PWR! Program is more than exercise – It provides education, empowerment, and ongoing coaching for life, allowing individuals to rise to their full potential.

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3. When should I begin participating in the PWR! Program?

Immediately after diagnosis or now! People don’t realize they aren’t moving well, or that they are reducing their activity levels and dropping out of their favorite activites. The sooner you learn how to practice the essential  Basic4 |PWR!Moves the better. You can always be challenged more physically and cognitively during exercise. Every time you have your meds adjusted you should also scheduled a check up with your PWR! Therapist. Remember that stress and illness impact the nervous system in someone with a neurodegenerative disease more so than healthy controls. Sometimes this can even negate the benefits of exercise! Take care of yourself and make time for YOU. It will be worth the quality of life in the long run.

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4. How do I get started at PWR!Gym?

Everyone who comes to PWR!Gym must have an initial consultation with our in-house PWR! Therapists. This helps us ensure that we are able to provide the best possible services for each client who comes to us.

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5. What services are offered at the PWR!Gym?

We offer a range of classes that target a variety of fitness levels. in addition to classes, we also offer one-on-one physical therapy sessions with our in-house PWR!Therapist. For those who do not live in the Tucson area, or for whom our class schedule is not a good fit, we also offer Exercise Intensives.

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6. How do I schedule an initial consultation? What happens during an initial consultation?

Our in-house PWR!Therapist will review your health buy effexor no prescription history and Parkinson history to discuss current symptoms and personal goals. They will then take you through a series of functional mobility assessments that will determine which of our services will be most effective in helping you reach those goals.

Please schedule your initial consultation online or by calling 520.591.5346 and one of our PWR!Gym staff will assist you in scheduling an appointment for your initial consultation.

**All appointments are scheduled on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please note that because we are such a unique facility, there could be up to a 3-4 week wait for an initial consultation.

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7. How much does PWR! cost? Do you accept insurance?

PWR!Gym offers a variety of services that are customized to the individual’s needs. Costs are dependent on a variety of factors. Click here to view our Price Guide.

At this time,  PWR!Gym is not able to process insurance claims. However, we are able to provide you with a list of PWR! Trained Therapists in your area if you would like to use your insurance benefits.

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8. How do I know which class I am eligible for?

Everyone who comes to PWR!Gym must have an initial consultation with our in-house PWR! Therapist. This helps us to ensure that we are able to recommend the most appropriate and effective class for each person. Those for whom a class may not be a good option will be provided with a recommendation of service(s) that will be most appropriate and effective for them.

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9. I already work out at a gym. Why should I come to PWR!Gym?

If you are already engaged in general fitness activities, you’re already off to a great start! However, general fitness activities will not specifically address your PD. Everything that we do at PWR!Gym is Parkinson-specific and research based. All therapists and instructors at PWR!Gym have been trained in D. Farley’s PWR!Moves and implement those moves in either group exercise or 1-on-1 settings. They understand Parkinson disease much more thoroughly than the average therapist or fitness professional, resulting in PD specific knowledge that they use with exercise to help you stay ahead of your PD symptoms. 

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10. I’m in town for a few days – can I pay a “drop in” fee to attend one or two classes?

We would love to meet you while you’re in the Tucson area! However, we do not offer a drop-in rate for our classes. For the safety of everyone, a consultation is required before any class. The data from this consult is available to be sent to PWR!Professionals in your area to continue your care. You are also welcome to call us to schedule a consultation before you come into town an set up one or more 1-on-1 appointments with our PWR! Therapist.

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11. I don’t live in Arizona. What services do you have available for me?

Our Surge Intensives are perfect for those who can only come to Tucson for a few business days. The goal of a Surge Intensive is to create a personalized Parkinson-specific home exercise program.

The first session always consists of a 1.5 hour assessment and consultation. This helps our in-house PWR! Therapist to learn about your lifestyle, fitness level, and personal goals. That information is all taken into consideration in the development of your personalized Parkinson-specific home exercise program.

Each remaining session is devoted to teaching you the components of your exercise program and helping you understand how to effectively implement the program. Sessions are scheduled as one in the morning and one later that afternoon. You will also receive materials that will help you to implement your personalized Parkinson-specific home exercise program.

**All appointments are scheduled on a first-come, first-serve basis. We ask that you schedule Surge Intensives at least 6-8 weeks in advance.

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 12. Can I do PWR! Exercises on my own?

Absolutely! The PWR!Moves are a stand-alone exercise program. However, they need to be progressed or adapted so that you are continuously engaged and challenged. Try a PWR!Moves Group or PWR!Moves Circuit class to get ideas. Visit a PWR! Therapist to develop a comprehensive, personalized program or visit us in Tucson, AZ at the PWR!Gym for an exercise intensive and to develop a plan to take back to your therapist or fitness professional in your area.

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13. How do I find a PWR! Trained Therapist and/or Instructor in my area?

On the home page of our website, click the “Find A PWR! Professional” button and type in your location to see who is near you.