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Parkinson Wellness Recovery | PWR! – Implementing research-based Parkinson specific exercise programs. PWR!Moves GET BETTER and STAY BETTER with Exercise.

Happy Summer!

Time for potlucks, parties and road trips! Which also means food, lots of food!Whether you are hosting a party, attending a potluck or going on a road trip, preparing food is required. But having time and a desire to prepare something can be overwhelming and time consuming. This … [Read More...]


Expectations have a powerful influence on the brain and behaviors.  For example, expectations of reward (better movement, less pain, improved mood or sleep) influence how you release and make use of the dopamine in your brain!  And, those physiological changes in turn, enhance how you … [Read More...]

PWR! Welcomes Distinguished Guests from China

Dr. Tianyu Jiang, Associate Chief Physician (PLA Hospital in Beijing), is working to develop PD-specialized programs and care in his community.  Dandan Liu, a nurse on his team, accompanied Dr. Jiang to learn about integrating rehabilitation with Parkinson's specific exercise.  They … [Read More...]


Session 654: PWR! Moves®-Functional Exercise for People With Parkinson Disease, by Parkinson Wellness RecoveryLecture Presented By: Becky Farley, PT, PhD & Nancy Nelson, CPTCECs/CEUs: AASFP 0.20, ACE 0.20, ACSM 2.00, AFAA 2.00, AFPA 2.00, BCRPA 2.00, canfitpro … [Read More...]

A Journey from Wyoming to PWR!Gym

This is the second year in a row that Terry Wehrman and his wife Marjane have visited Tucson for one month during their winter travels from Wyoming. Following our yearly consult to assess functional mobility, balance, strength, and cognition, Terry immediately began participating in … [Read More...]

June PWR! Move of the Month

Dr. Becky Farley shows us this month's Move of the MonthWhat makes PWR!Moves different from other exercises?  They were developed from the beginning to target the dopamine circuits by directly targeting "4" essential skills that underlie function! … [Read More...]

Tangoing in the PWR! Plus Class

April 26-June 14th is Tango for Parkinson DiseaseOur PWR! Plus Tango class has been a great success.  Our members are enjoying learning the Basic Tango Steps and are almost ready to put all 8 steps together.  Shauna Duran, PT, DPT makes it fun and challenging.  If you haven't … [Read More...]

PATH-FRONT-DOORLet your voice be heard!

PWR! has partnered with an amazing group of advocates/organizations to form an initiative to make sustainable PD-specific community-based exercise programs available to all PwPs for life.  Whether you are a PWP, care partner, healthcare professional, friend/family member, or advocate, we need many voices to mobilize the Parkinson’s community to adopt new standards of healthcare.  We hope that you will lend your voice to PATH and share this link with others in the PD community.  

Read our initiative, sign the petition, pass it on, get involved!  All the information you need to do so is in this link.  www.pwr4life.org/path