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pwr! is about early intervention, enrichment, education and empowerment of those living with Parkinson disease.
We believe in the basic science studies advocating for exercise as a first line of defense as earlier and more Parkinson disease diagnoses become a reality. Even as other proactive options like medications and deep brain stimulation become utilized, exercise is just as necessary to optimize their benefits. Read more »

PWR!Therapist in San Diego

New PWR!Therapist Workshop in San Diego, CA on June 12-13, 2015.


PWR!Retreat 2015!

PWR!Retreat 2015 will take place at The Scottsdale Resort & Conference Center.

PWR!Moves™ Book

pwr!moves, a pwr!Guide to a Parkinson-specific exercise program directly addresses the motor and cognitive issues of Parkinson disease through 4 foundational movements established as the building blocks of FUNction. pwr!moves can be used as a standalone exercise program but more importantly, these principles can be implemented into ANY exercise program.
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pwr!gym® is a model NeuroFitness Center of Excellence for Parkinson exercise in Tucson, AZ. A place where people receive cutting-edge exercise and enrichment programming for Parkinson exercise experts EVERY day!
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PWR!Therapist & PWR!Instructor Workshops are developed to bring research out of the lab with the goal to increase exercise programming that adheres to Exercise4BrainChange® principles of practice from rehab to community and back to better treat people with Parkinson regardless of what stage they may be in. Early intervention is KEY!
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