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pwr! is about early intervention, enrichment, education and empowerment of those living with Parkinson disease.
We believe in the basic science studies advocating for exercise as a first line of defense as earlier and more Parkinson disease diagnoses become a reality. Even as other proactive options like medications and deep brain stimulation become utilized, exercise is just as necessary to optimize their benefits. Read more »

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Certified_Therapist FinalPWR!Therapist workshop in Richardson, TX on August 29-30th, 2015. Registration deadline is August 22, 2015.
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Two 1-week PWR! Retreats in a resort setting completed! A total of 81 individuals with PD plus their partners experienced 4 hours/day of PD-specific, research-based exercise sessions with over 28 PWR! PD exercise specialists, plus interactive nutritional cooking, intimacy/relationships/communication, research updates, Q&A with MDS physicians, FUNction… and more! Dates for next year coming soon! See Videos from Week 1 » See Videos from Week 2 »