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Parkinson Wellness Recovery | PWR! – Implementing research-based Parkinson specific exercise programs. PWR!Moves GET BETTER and STAY BETTER with Exercise.



NOVEMBER 1ST NUTRITION AND PD SYMPTOMS 4-5 PM Vanessa Leschak will be presenting a lecture on what foods help best with Parkinson’s symptoms. We will have some delicious treats to sample with recipes that are quick and easy to make. You will not want to miss this presentation. This … [Read More...]

Wellness Series – Optimize your Medication

Optimize your Medication Get more out of exercise and LIFE! Speaker: Dr. Becky Farley, PT, MS, PHD Wellness Series Kicks off Oct. 4th, 2016 at 4:00 PM! The first Tuesday of each month we will offer presentations and discussions on topics pertaining to living well with Parkinson's … [Read More...]

PWR! Staff will be at World Parkinson Congress!

The World Parkinson Congress (WPC)  will be held in Portland, Oregon September 20-23.  WPC brings the entire Parkinson's Community together including clinicians and people living with Parkinson's.  The program content is designed in a way that will highlight and profile the latest and … [Read More...]

Thank you for a Wonderful Dine Out night at ZinBurger!

  Our PWR!Gym members, family and friends weren't going to let a little rain stop them from eating to support our programs!   They were greeted at the door by our Jim Click friends who showcased the Ford Mustang Shelby GT350. This car (which hasn't been manufactured … [Read More...]

PATH-FRONT-DOORLet your voice be heard!

PWR! has partnered with an amazing group of advocates/organizations to form an initiative to make sustainable PD-specific community-based exercise programs available to all PwPs for life.  Whether you are a PWP, care partner, healthcare professional, friend/family member, or advocate, we need many voices to mobilize the Parkinson’s community to adopt new standards of healthcare.  We hope that you will lend your voice to PATH and share this link with others in the PD community.  

Read our initiative, sign the petition, pass it on, get involved!  All the information you need to do so is in this link.  www.pwr4life.org/path