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pwr! is about early intervention, enrichment, education and empowerment of those living with Parkinson disease. We believe in the basic science studies advocating for exercise as a first line of defense as earlier and more Parkinson disease diagnoses become a reality. Even as other proactive options like medications and deep brain stimulation become utilized, exercise is just as necessary to optimize their benefits.

pwr! knows that exercise is about more than fitness - it is a physiological tool that encourages the body's own endogenous brain repair mechanisms. Founder Dr. Becky G. Farley states, "Exercise promotes brain health and repair thereby, shows promise to protect the remaining viable dopamine neurons". Research proves, that exercise may, at the very least, slow disease motor deterioration in people with Parkinson disease, and, if started early enough may be able to slow modify disease progression.

pwr! is about changing the status quo to offer the latest in cutting edge research exercise programming at diagnosis and for life. We accomplish this in several ways. Through our brand new guidebook, PWR!moves, pwr!gym®, a NeuroFitness Center of Excellence in Tucson, AZ, and through various workshops held throughout the year both nationally and internationally to train health and exercise professionals in the foundation of neuroplasticity-principled exercise to target the symptoms of PD.

PWR!Moves™ Book

pwr!moves, a pwr!Guide to a Parkinson-specific exercise program directly addresses the motor and cognitive issues of Parkinson disease through 4 foundational movements established as the building blocks of FUNction. pwr!moves can be used as a standalone exercise program but more importantly, these principles can be implemented into ANY exercise program.
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pwr!gym® is a model NeuroFitness Center of Excellence for Parkinson exercise in Tucson, AZ. A place where people receive cutting-edge exercise and enrichment programming for Parkinson exercise experts EVERY day!
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PWR!Therapist & PWR!Instructor Workshops are developed to bring research out of the lab with the goal to increase exercise programming that adheres to Exercise4BrainChange® principles of practice from rehab to community and back to better treat people with Parkinson regardless of what stage they may be in. Early intervention is KEY!
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