People with Parkinson’s can

Come see how we do it;
and how we are validating
this model through research!

Welcome to the Parkinson Exercise Revolution.

The PWR!Gym® is a one-of-a-kind community neurofitness center located in the beautiful Sonoran Desert, in Tucson, AZ. We specialize in proactive research-based Parkinson-specific rehab, fitness, and wellness programming all in one facility!

PWR!Gym® offers a unique solution to status quo in rehabilitation paradigms. For example, people with Parkinson disease rarely receive physical, occupational, or speech therapy services even once in a lifetime. And for those that do, they may not see a therapist that is specialized in Parkinson disease and it is usually not a PROACTIVE approach. YET, research suggests proactive multidisciplinary rehabilitation that is partnered with community exercise and wellness resources for lifelong access to care - offers the best hope for slowing disease progression!

The basic and clinical science research on exercise and Parkinson disease is compelling!

No other single intervention or treatment is associated with such a diverse array of benefits as exercise for individuals with PD. Exercise and greater levels of physical activity for people with Parkinson disease not only results in positive improvements in symptoms (emotional, cognitive, physical, and non-motor), but it may be disease modifying! This means greater levels of physical activity may slow disease progression and/or repair inefficient dopaminergic circuitry (as shown in animal models). Yet, many physicians, therapists and communities remain unaware of the scientific literature underlying exercise-induced neuroplasticity and the accompanying behavioral recovery in animal and human models of PD.


Don’t wait! Get Started NOW!
Use it or Lose it!

Even if you don’t think you have problems with mobility or fitness, NOW is the time to start. Research shows that people are less active and have already withdrawn from LIFE at diagnosis! Gait quality and and endurance further deteriorates in the first 18 months despite medications! You can do more than you think you can to fight PD! Let us help.

Find out what you CAN do to GET BETTER and STAY BETTER!  

Our PWR!4Life model starts with an appointment with a Parkinson exercise expert physical therapist.  Your PWR!Gym therapist will educate, empower, and provide resources to keep motor and cognitive deterioration at bay!  They will coach and work 1:1 with you as needed, throughout your life to help you set and achieve your goals for exercise, fitness, function, stress management, nutrition and more.  They will work with you and your doctor so you get the most out of life and keep you doing what you like to do.

Don't Miss Out on What's Happening with the PWR!Gym Community!

Happenings at the PWR! Gym

May 23, 2017

Reminder In Observance of Memorial Day, the PWR!Gym will be closed Monday, May 29th. Satellite PWR!Gym Classes We are seeking people interested in a Moves III Class at the Oro Valley Community and Recreation Center. If you are interested, please contact Nancy or Jordan at the PWR!Gym. We appreciate this partnership and look forward to serving people…

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Oro Valley Community And Recreation Center Satellite Classes are a Hit!

April 3, 2017

Our first satellite class kicked off March 7th at the Oro Valley Community and Recreation Center with a Circuit Class on Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday at 2:30. We have 12 participants and the class is filled!  A waiting list has been started for a Moves III class. If you are interested, buy effexor online australia please contact Nancy or…

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Dine Out event April 11th, Join Us!

April 3, 2017

PWR’s next “Dine Out” event will be Tuesday, April 11th from 11 am – 9:30 pm In order for PWR! to receive a portion of the proceeds, diners MUST present our flyer to their server.   Outback Steakhouse 4871 E. Grant Road Tucson, AZ 85712Outback has been purchase effexor kind enough to donate 15% of…

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