Christie Agtarap, ACE Certified Personal Trainer

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Christie Christie

Christie Agtarap, ACE Certified Personal Trainer

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Christie Agtarap is a certified personal trainer and group fitness trainer specializing in helping people manage Parkinson’s disease through exercise and lifestyle changes. She has been working in the health and wellness field since 1998 and has extensive teaching experience in a variety of group fitness classes. In addition to her professional career, Christie is passionate about raising awareness of this condition and providing support to those affected by it. Christie’s journey began when her father was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2008; since then, she has been dedicated to learn more about the disease and how to help those with Parkinson’s live better despite the everyday challenges. Through education, motivation and inspiration, Christie strives to help others find their inner strength and achieve success no matter what obstacles they face!


Services Offered
PD Move It! Tuesday 11 AM/Thursday 2PM: This is a PWR!Moves Class with exercises that specifically target the major impairments relating to Parkinson"s disease including tremor, rigidity, freezing, posture, and slow/small movements. The program goal is to encourage brain stimulation, challenge balance and stability with an emphasis on proper form, using techniques that can be incorporated easily into activities of daily living. Caregivers/partners attend for free.
PD PowerUP! Thursday 10:45 AM: PD PowerUP! is for those who want, and are able to participate in a more energetic and physically demanding workout. NOTE: This is a more ADVANCED version of the PD˜MoveIt!" class


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5401 Corporate Center Loop SE
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