I want to encourage all our PWR!Gym members and anyone with PD to participate in this very important study trying to identify the lifestyle factors associated with slower disease progression! These factors may help people in the future by providing information about what you can do to stay better and live well with PD. Dr. Mischley has already identified many of these factors related to diet, social connection, and exercise (type of exercise and intensity) and these types of studies are more powerful the larger they are! If you want to learn more about how exciting this is and what she has learned to date, check out this article and watch one of her videos.


– Dr. Becky Farley


Role of Diet and Nutritional Supplements in Parkinson’s Disease Progression


Helpful article that provides tips on managing winter from theParkinson.org website.

“Tips for Daily Living: Preparing for Winter with Parkinson’s Disease



Winter often brings unexpected weather and for many, the shorter days can lead to vitamin D deficiency, increasing chances of developing seasonal depression. The good news is that the Parkinson’s Foundation Ohio Chapter has gathered these tips to help people with Parkinson’s disease (PD) and their caregivers ensure that PD-related needs are accounted for this winter.”


PWR! to Present Research at APTA Meeting


PWR!Gym Physical Therapist Emily Borchers will be presenting a research poster at the Combined Sections Meeting (CSM) for the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) in Washington, DC in January. The poster highlights data collected at the PWR!Gym that inspired the design of a physical therapy clinical decision-making tool for assessing people with Parkinson Disease for community group exercise programming. Emily is excited to represent PWR! in DC!