Lindsey Hershberger, PT, DPT

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4000 Waynesville Road, Waynesville, OH, USA
4000 Waynesville Road Waynesville Ohio 45068 US

Hi! I’m Lindsey Hershberger, PT, DPT, owner, and founder of Empower Balance Therapy & Wellness. I earned my Doctorate in Physical Therapy (PT) from The Ohio State University in 2009 and my Bachelor of Science in Biology from Ohio University in 2006. Early in my career, I discovered my passion for working with patients with Parkinson’s Disease (PD). I believe wholeheartedly in the protective and transformative power of exercise. I also believe that providing an alternative model of physical therapy and wellness, one with holistic, flexible, and ongoing access to patient-centered care, can dramatically improve the journey of those with chronic illnesses. I’d be honored to be your advocate and coach. I pledge to use over a decade of experience, extensive specialized training, and a big heart, to listen to your story, boost your motivation, and help you take back control of your life.

PWR!Moves Therapist Recertification Date
July 18, 2022
Physical Therapy
Services Offered

Physical therapy, PWR!Moves exercise classes (small group or individual)

PWR!Moves Therapist Recertification Date
July 18, 2022
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