Josette Fast, PT

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Santa Barbara, CA, USA
100 East De La Guerra Street Santa Barbara California 93101 US

Josette is a well-seasoned physical therapist having practiced since 1980. She became curious about how best to help those with Parkinson’s and discovered there was an effective way through PWR!Moves.  Since then she has devoted her practice to those with Parkinson’s disease.  She makes house calls working with individuals privately, one-on-one. Each client receives an evaluation in order to best customize the workouts for him/her.  Josette takes a holistic approach and addresses not only the motor challenges associated with Parkinson’s but also the non-motor, as appropriate.

PWR!Moves Therapist Recertification Date
August 5, 2021
Physical Therapy, Wellness Services , PWR!Moves Group Exercise classes
Services Offered

Josette is in the process of putting together a PWR! Moves Group Exercise Class for the Santa Barbara, CA residents with Parkinson’s.

PWR!Moves Therapist Recertification Date
August 5, 2021
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