Scottsdale, AZ, USA
4017 North Scottsdale Road Scottsdale Arizona 85251 US

Jennifer Deitchman, AFAA Primary Group Exercise; PWR!Moves Certified Instructor

Group Fitness Instructor; Indoor cycle, muscle, and mat Pilates classes for approx. 10 years at various facilities in PA (formerly) and AZ (current). Have been a PWR! Instructor in Scottsdale since Summer, 2019. Special emphasis on the elder population – I grew up in a high rise for the elderly and disabled and wound up eventually owning 2 such Section-8 subsidized highrises, and now 2 AZ-licensed assisted living homes.

PWR!Moves Group Exercise classes, Wellness Services
Services Offered

As Co-owner of Gemini Group, LLC, I own and oversee operations of 2 AZ licensed assisted living homes, and provide elder-housing consulting services, in tandem with my business partner who also focuses on long term health care planning. We enjoy seeing people be both physically and financially healthy for as long as possible, and be knowledgeable about all of their options around long term care planning.