Becky Farley, PhD, MS, PT

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Tucson, AZ, United States
3131 East Broadway Boulevard Tucson Arizona 85716 US

Dr. Becky Farley is a physical therapist, neuroscientist, Parkinson exercise specialist, as well as the Chief Scientific Officer and Founder of Parkinson Wellness Recovery | PWR!.  She received a PhD in Neuroscience from the University of Arizona, a Master of Science in Physical Therapy from the University of North Carolina, and a Bachelor of Physical Therapy from the University of Oklahoma. She is a published author on exercise for people with Parkinson disease and gives public and medical seminars worldwide. Her postdoctoral research investigated the muscle activation deficits underlying bradykinesia in people with PD. She was awarded and completed, an R21 NIH-funded randomized clinical trial to establish the benefits of LSVT BIG® , the first whole-body, amplitude-focused, physical and occupational therapy exercise approach for individuals with PD. Dr. Farley also created PWR!Moves, a more flexible Parkinson-specific exercise approach that directly targets the training of amplitude into building blocks of function. Each building block counteracts a primary motor control deficit shown by research to interfere with everyday mobility. Dr. Farley has been training therapists and fitness professionals for the last 14 years and is now focusing on publishing data from the Tucson-based PWR! Gym and integrating new research into PWR!Moves workshops and PWR!Gym programs. She believes lifelong access to integrated rehabilitation and community exercise and wellness programming is necessary to optimize and perpetuate functional mobility benefits and to slow disease progression.

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